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Who can do business with The T?

Any person, corporation or firm is eligible under most circumstances to do business with The T.

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How does the Purchasing Department solicit business?

There are three methods used, each with its own solicitation and award procedures.

  • An Invitation For Bids (IFB) is the usual method used when public competition is sought for requirements of more than $25,000.00. When this procedure is used, the contract award is based upon the lowest evaluated, responsive and responsible bid. Any evaluation criteria that The T will use will be set out in the IFB. Bids that are unresponsive, i.e. deviate substantially from the terms, conditions or specifications, or bids that are not responsible will not be considered. Bids submitted are opened in public immediately after the time and date set for the final receipt of bids.
  • A Request For Proposals ( RFP) is the usual method used for competitive purchases of more than $25,000.00 and for when an award based on price is not practicable or advantageous to The T. Proposals are evaluated and awarded on the basis of criteria such as high technical factors, identified in the RFP. Requests For Proposals are not open to the public until after contract award.
  • Informal Bids will be used for purchases of less than $25,000.00 when an Invitation For Bid or a Request For Proposal is not used. An Informal Bid is a more simplified process and may be oral, oral and confirmed in writing, or in writing as required by the Contract Administration and Procurement Department. Bids are not opened in public.

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Can The T employees other than those in the Purchasing department make purchases?

Yes, when the purchase is less than $500.00, is required immediately for maintenance purposes, and is not otherwise restricted; or when authority has been delegated to user departments by the Contract Administration and Procurement Department, usually for emergencies; or where The T has entered into a systems contract with the contractor supplying a particular commodity or service. Although certain purchasing privileges may be delegated to other T employees, all purchases are subject to review and approval by the Contract Administration and Procurement Department prior to payment.

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Can The T purchase without competition?

Yes, in certain circumstances. The T may purchase without competition where a single source is justified. When there is an emergency condition, The T may purchase with such competition as is practicable in consideration of the circumstances.

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How are potential bidders selected?

While The T will endeavor to notify all eligible bidders on its lists with regard to purchase by Invitation For Bid and Requests For Proposals, The T does not accept responsibility for failing to notify a particular bidder.

It is the vendor's responsibility to monitor The T's website for solicitation postings.
To check current postings now, Click Here. Register and download RFP, RFQ and IFB's at that page.

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Is the time and date for receipt ever changed?

Yes. Whenever circumstances make it necessary to do so, the date and time may be changed. The change may be initiated by the Contract Administration and Procurement Department or may be requested by a person wishing to respond to a solicitation. Extensions are rarely granted less than 48 hours prior to the time and date set for final receipt of responses. All such changes are made by The T in writing to all persons shown as having been issued purchasing documents.

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Can modifications, corrections or withdrawals be made to a bid, proposal or quotation?

Yes. Modifications, corrections or withdrawals may be made in writing and received by the Contract Administration and Procurement Department prior to the time and date set for final receipt of responses to solicitations.

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When must bids be received?

To be considered, all bids, proposals and quotations must be received in the Contract Administration and Procurement Department prior to the time and date set for receipt, or any extension in writing by the Purchasing Department. Late submissions will not be accepted regardless of the reason.

For the address of the Purchasing Department click here.

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Who may be present at a public opening?

Anyone may be present where submissions are to be opened in public.

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Who awards The T contracts?

Where a purchase is commenced by Informal Bids, either oral or written, the purchase is finalized by the Director of Contract Administration and Procurement. Where a purchase, greater than $25,000, is commenced by Invitation For Bids or Request For Proposals, the award is made after approval by the Fort Worth Transportation Authority's Executive Committee.

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When does The T terminate a contract?

The T has the right to terminate a contract for any failure by the contractor to perform, or for any reason specified in the contract. Specific conditions of termination or cancellation are included in the solicitation documents.

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Can a contractor be debarred or suspended from bidding?

Yes. If a contractor is dishonest, breaches a contract or fails to meet the ethical standards of The T Policy, the contractor may be suspended for one year or debarred indefinitely.

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How can I find out about the results of current solicitation?

If a solicitation takes place by Invitation For Bids and the bids are to be opened in public, a summary of the submissions can usually be obtained by emailing the assigned buyer, after such bids have been tabulated and analyzed by the Procurement Department and Contract Administration. 

If a solicitation takes place by Request For Proposals, the proposers and the contents of the proposals are kept confidential during the negotiation process. All proposals shall be open for public inspection after contract award, except for trade secrets and confidential information contained in the proposal and identified by the offer as such.


How does The T dispose of surplus?

The T disposes of surplus goods by auction, by Offer of Surplus Goods for Sale (Request For Quotation), or Invitation For Bid depending on the value of the supplies and circumstances.


This information is produced by The T Contract Administration and Procurement Department

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