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Adopt A Bus Stop


FAQ - Program and Guidelines


What is Adopt-A-bus stop?

Adopt-A-bus stop is a litter reduction and prevention program sponsored by The T. The purpose of the program is to attract public involvement from residential and community organizations, businesses, schools and individuals to maintain a litter-free environment system wide at bus stops and to ensure that the riders have an enjoyable experience.

What are the Responsibilities of the Adopting Organization?

By adopting a bus stop, an organization commits to remove the litter and trash from their designated adoption area as well as preserving its aesthetic condition. Adopt-a-stop partners also need to inform The T if the bus stop sign is knocked down or if the sign has graffiti on it. Graffiti cleaning is the sole responsibility of The T.  Participants are asked not to clean graffiti by themselves. Participants also agree to report vandalism and/or disturbances at adopted bus stop site to The T. Organizations must agree to clean adopted bus stop a minimum of once a week or as needed to maintain a certain level of cleanliness.

How do you Adopt-A-Bus stop?

Call the customer service number at 817-215-8600 or download the Adopt-A-Bus stop document Sponsor Registration Form and fax it to 817-215-8709, answering all the details mentioned in the form.  Once an Adopt-A-Bus stop volunteer signs the application, The T will provide them with a start up care package which consist of two safety vests, five trash bags and gloves.

Safety Factors to Consider for Volunteers

All participants need to sign an agreement to get involved with this program. By signing the agreement, the adopting organization will agree to hold The T harmless from any liability or claims for property damages and personal injury or loss, arising from participating in this program while on The T’s property. The person or the organization cleaning a bus stop area is picking up trash and alerting The T about unsafe or suspicious activity. Volunteers must not intervene or approach individuals suspected of doing questionable activities.

Benefits for Enrolling in this program

1.A sign recognizing the volunteer work at the bus stop, after three months of bus stop monitoring. The sign will read “ABC Organization” or “a member of the community”, in partnership with The T has adopted this location.
2.An official "Adoption Certificate" signed by The T President after completion of 12 months in the program.
3.Recognition of new partner in The T’s Newsletter, at The T’s board meeting, on The T’s facebook page and The T’s website, after 12 months of participation in the program.

Contact information:
Jose Perez, 817-215-8600 or Fax 817-215-8709