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Annual Totals:
Commuting by Automobile Commuting by Public Transport
$ 2,683.43 $ 840.00
You Saved $ 1,843.43**



* Based on the following estimates for increased costs of maintenance and tire replacement per mile.

    Car Types    
Per Mile Small Car Large Car SUV
Maintenance $3.98 $4.67 $5.07 $4.76 $5.47
Tires $0.55 $0.85 $0.77 $0.67 $0.93


** If you are able to eliminate a vehicle in your household, you save an additional $5,576 in car ownership cost (full-coverage insurance, license, registration, taxes, depreciation and finance charge).

The ownership, maintenance and tire replacement cost are from the AAA 2008 Your Driving Costs.