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The T's Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRHP)

The Guaranteed Ride Home Program will give you a quick "connection" to get home or back to a Park & Ride lot if unscheduled overtime or an emergency arises and The T's normal service routes and schedule can not return you. This benefit can be used twice in a three month period.

Who can use this program?

You are Guaranteed

Vanpool, E Pass and Monthly Pass holders are eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home Program.

Reusable to 2 times

Guaranteed Ride Home benefits may be used up to 2 times within a 3-month period.

For example: If you use a GRH Trip in May and another one in June, then you must wait until August to use your GRH benefit again.
(Your 1st trip taken determines when additional trips may be taken.)

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Using GRHP

Get A Calling Card

You need a GRHP Calling Card that identifies you as a participant. If you are an eligible participant and do not already have a GRHP Calling Card, call 817.336.RIDE (7433) to be issued a card.

Call for a Ride

When unscheduled overtime or an emergency arises, call the number on your GRHP Card. The dispatcher will ask for your name and phone number and where you are to be picked up and dropped off. Request a wheelchair-accessible vehicle if needed.


Show Your Card

When Yellow Cab arrives to pick you up, the driver will ask to see your GRHP Calling Card. Be prepared to show your current E-Pass or Monthly Pass. Vanpool participants may be asked for their vanpool van number. Each registered Guaranteed Ride Home participant is eligible to use his/her card two times in a three-month period.



You pay the driver a $5.00 co-pay and The T covers the balance.

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What is a vanpool?

A vanpool is a group of at least six people who share the costs of getting to and from work. These individuals usually live and work near each other. Generally, vanpools will have one primary driver and one alternate driver.

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What are the benefits of vanpooling?

Lower transportation costs, less wear and tear on riders’ vehicles and less stress during commutes. In addition, vanpooling helps reduce traffic congestion and dangerous levels of ozone.

Vanpooling may also make riders eligible for savings on automobile insurance — in some cases, up to 15%. (Riders should contact their insurance agents for more information.) If necessary, The T will provide written verification of your vanpool participation.


Vanpool 3
Vanpool with colleagues to work.

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How much does vanpooling cost?

Monthly fares will vary, depending on the origination point of the van and the daily miles involved. Riders pay only for the portion of the trip they use. For instance, if a vanpool picks up riders in different counties, it’s possible that some riders may pay a few dollars more or less than others.

In addition to the base fare, riders may pay part of the monthly parking expense and a cleaning fee for the van. To encourage vanpooling, rider fares are currently subsidized through a Federal Clean Air grant.

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When do riders pay their fare?

Fares are due in full by the first working day of each month.

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What if the number of vanpool members falls below the minimum required?

A Low Ridership fee ($5/month/passenger) may be charged if your group’s ridership falls below 6 riders. 

Riders can help keep monthly fares low by recruiting friends and co-workers to ride their van if they are in low ridership.

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What if a rider has an emergency or is unable to take the van home at the specified time?

For full-time vanpoolers, The T provides a Guaranteed Ride Home Program (GRHP). This is a low-cost solution to getting home when you have an emergency or unplanned overtime.

GRH may be used a maximum of two times in a three-month period. Riders are issued a GRH card. The three-month period begins with the first use of the card.

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What about overtime?

Monthly fares assume an average of 21 workdays per month. However, The T realizes that, on some occasions, riders will need to work more than 21 days a month. For this reason, The T offers an overtime policy.

If at least half the vanpool group works overtime, we recommend that riders take the van. The cost per passenger would be the daily rate (the fare divided by 21). If less than half the group works overtime, we recommend that carpooling be used. In this way, we can stretch limited funding and prevent our vanpool drivers from being billed for excess fuel and mileage expenses.

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What if a rider decides to leave the vanpool?

If a rider is leaving the group, he or she should notify the driver as soon as possible. This way, a new rider can be located.

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How does a rider get started?

Simply contact The T at 817.336.RIDE  for a list of vanpools in your area.

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Vanpool 2
Alleviate the stress of getting to work by beginning a vanpool with The T.

Vanpooling vs. Driving Alone

Daily Roundtrip Miles Monthly Vanpool Rate
0-45 $98
46-55 $108
56-70 $131
71-75 $151
76-80 $163
81-90 $174
91-120 $187
121-140 $200
141-165 $213
166-190 $243


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