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EasyRide Commuter Program


EasyRide Commuter Program - Transportation for Employees

For more information, contact an EasyRide representative at 817-215-8700

The FWTA’s EasyRide Commuter Program gives employers the opportunity to provide a convenient and consistent way for their employees to get to work – without battling traffic jams and searching for that open parking spot!

There are several pass options available. For more information or to determine eligibility call 817-215-8700 or email us.

Employer Benefits
Employee Benefits
  • Receive a Federal tax deduction for transit expenses
  • Reduce parking costs and capacity needs
  • Lower stress levels for employees
  • Use as a tool to recruit and retain staff
  • Show commitment to sustainability and going green 
  • Receive a pre-tax transit spending account
  • Gain a new benefit when company pays part or all of the costs
  • Access dependable transportation
  • Eliminate parking expenses
  • Reduce stress, vehicle wear-and-tear, and traffic congestion

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