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Eligibility - Applying for Service



Click the button on the left side to download our MITS application form. Once downloaded, print it, fill it out and take it to the agency or doctors.

MITS Certification

MITS is a transportation service for persons with a verified disability that prevents them from riding regular city bus service. Anyone interested in riding MITS service must complete an application and be certified as a MITS passenger. Eligible paratransit program participants may be certified for services for a maximum period not to exceed two (2) years. Eligibility for MITS may be on a "conditional" basis, meaning service will only be provided for those trips in which ADA paratransit eligibility standards have been met. Passengers, certified on a conditional basis, will be required to use The T’s bus or rail services, or find alternative transportation, for trips that are not deemed as ADA paratransit eligible.


Once MITS receives your application it may take up to 21 days to process. For more information or an application, please call 817.215.8600.
La información en la llamada española 817.215.8600.

Customers who cannot ride the regular T service are eligible for MITS.