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MITS + 1 Card


Assistants Ride for Free

Customer service line at 817.215.8600.

The MITS+1 I.D. card allows MITS-certified passengers and one (1) assistant to ride on the fixed route city bus service for FREE.

To get a MITS+1 ID card, you must bring proof of your MITS eligibility (your MITS ID card) and some other form of photo identification to the ITC kiosk at 9th and Jones Street or to FWTA's Customer Center at 800 Cherry St., downtown. There is no charge for the first MITS+1 ID card. The replacement fee for a lost MITS+1 card is $10.00 and you must provide the same identification mentioned above. For additional information about Travel Training and/or how to obtain the MITS+1 ID card, call our customer service line at 817-215-8600.


With MITS+1, MITS passengers can bring an assistant at no charge.