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Severe Winter Weather Detours

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Due to dangerous, icy road conditions, The T will operate a Saturday bus schedule whenever Severe Winter Weather Operations are indicated during the week or on Saturday. If a Severe Winter Weather situation is in effect on a Sunday, Sunday Service will be operated. Molly the Trolley, Stockyards Shuttle and Express routes will not operate during icy weather.  Individual bus routes may be on detour (see below).  The descriptions and maps below illustrate areas where service is most likely to be interrupted.  Please call Customer Service at 817-215-8600 to confirm if your route is currently on detour.

Route 1 N.Main A, B & C Route 20 Handley
Route 2 Camp Bowie Route 21 Boca Raton
Route 3 S. Riverside/TCC So. Campus Route 22 Meadowbrook
Route 4 E. Rosedale Route 24 Berry Street
Route 5 Evans Ave A & B Route 26 Ridgmar Mall/Normandale
Route 7 University Route 27 Como
Route 9 Ramey/Vickery Route 32 Bryant Irvin
Route 10 Bailey Route 46 Jacksboro Hwy.
Route 14 N. Riverside Route 72 Hemphill/Sycamore School



Route 1A

No service along Jacksboro Highway, W Long Ave, or a portion of Azle Ave between Long Ave and Ephriman Ave.

Route 1b

No service along Rock Island St, NW 30th St, Macie Ave, northbound along Azle Ave from Lydon Ave to Rock Island, southbound along Azle Ave from Macie Ave to Kearney Ave.

Route 1c

No service along Terminal Rd, Lebow St, NE 36th St, Schwartz Ave and a portion of Decatur Ave, from Madell to Terminal Rd.

Route 2

No service to Ridgmar Mall Transfer Center.

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Route 3

No service along IM Terrell Way, IM Terrell Circle, Chambers St, E 13th St, Stephenson St or E 19th Street.

Route 3

Also no service along Eastbound I-20 Service Rd, Joe B Rushing Rd, C A Roberson Blvd or Dub Shaw Dr to Tarrant County College.

Route 4

No service along a portion of Stalcup  Rd between E Rosedale St and Elgin St.

Route 5

No service along E Allen Avenue between S Main St and Evans Ave.

Route 5a

No service along Southcrest Dr, Townsend Dr, a portion of W Fuller Ave between Townsend Dr and James Ave, and a portion of James Ave between W Fuller Ave and Southcrest Dr.

Route 5a

Also no service along a portion of northbound Oak Grove Rd between I-35 and I-20.

Route 5a/b

No service along Joe B Rushing Rd, C A Roberson Blvd or Dub Shaw Dr. to Tarrant County College.

Route 5b

No service along E Jessamine St, Mississippi Ave, Glen Garden Dr or a portion of S Riverside Drive between Glen Garden Dr and E Berry St.

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Route 7

No service along a portion of W Lancaster Ave between Summit Ave and University Dr.

Route 7

Also no service along W Biddison St, Stadium Dr, South Hills Ave or Park Ridge Blvd.

Route 9

No service along Vel Dr or a portion of Ramey Ave between Carruthers Dr. and Vel Dr.

Route 10

No service along a portion of W Belknap and W Weatherford Streets between Henderson and W 5th Street.   Also no service on Summit Ave between W 5th Street and W 7th Street.

Route 14

No service along a portion of NE 28th St between N Main St and Decatur Ave.

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Route 20

No service along Boca Raton Blvd, Bridge Street, Oakland Hills Dr, Bridgewood Dr, westbound Brentwood Stair Road or a portion of eastbound Brentwood Stair Rd between Bridgewood Dr and Loop 820.

Route 21

No service along a portion of Oakland Blvd between Ederville Rd South and I-30, a portion of eastbound Brentwood Stair Rd between Oakland Blvd and Ederville Rd South, a portion of westbound Bridge St between Woodhaven Blvd. and Oakland Blvd, Woodhaven Blvd, a portion of Boca Raton Blvd between Woodhaven Blvd and Country Club Ln.

Route 21

Also no service along a portion of Boca Raton Blvd between High Woods Trail and Loop 820, Bridgewood Dr, or Bridge Street.

Route 21

Also no service along Meadowbrook Blvd, Randol Mill Rd a portion of westbound John T White Rd between Randol Mill Rd and John T White Rd North or a portion of Eastchase Pkwy between Anderson Blvd and Meadowbrook Blvd.

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Route 22

No service along a portion of Brentwood Stair Rd between Dottie Lynn Pkwy and Cooks Ln, a portion of Cooks Ln between Brentwood Stair Rd and Ederville Rd, and a portion of Dottie Lynn Pkwy.

Route 24

No service along a portion of E Berry St between E Berry Street South and Mitchell Blvd.

Route 26

No service along eastbound Calmont Ave between Lackland Rd and Las Vegas Blvd or most of westbound Calmont Ave between Lackland Rd and Laredo Dr.  No service along Alta Mere Dr, Cimarron Trl, Chapin Rd, Renzel Blvd, S Normandale St, W Normandale St or N Normandale St.

Route 27

No service along westbound Plaza Parkway between Westridge Ave and Green Oaks Rd.  No service along a portion of eastbound Plaza Parkway between Lands End Blvd and Westridge Ave.  No service along Westridge Ave or a portion of Bryant Irving Rd North between Camp Bowie Blvd and I-30.

Route 27

Also no service along Houghton Ave, Fernander Dr, Bourine St, W Vickery Blvd, Manhattan Dr, Littlepage St to JPS Viola Pitts Clinic, or portion of Bryant Irvin Rd between W Vickery Blvd and Manhattan Dr.

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Route 32

No service along Manhattan Dr, Littlepage Street, Horne St, or W Vickery Blvd.

Route 32

Also no service along Harris Parkway, John Ryan Drive, a portion of Bryant Irvin Rd between Southwest Blvd (Sh-183) and Oakmont Blvd, or a portionof Oakmont Blvd between Bryant Irvin Rd and Chisholm Trail Parkway (Sh-121T.

Route 46

No service along Old Mill Creek Dr, Shady Oaks Manor Dr, Quebec St or Northwest Centre  Dr.

Route 72

No service on a portion of Hemphill St between W Felix St and Edgecliff Rd.

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