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Riding The T and Your Bike

Bicycling and bus riding are two great ways to enjoy Fort Worth. Now you can combine the two and extend your cycling range. Enjoy cycling our bike paths, parks, and less-traveled lanes. And enjoy The T's fast, safe, comfortable buses in higher traffic areas.

Bike racks are easy to use and there's no extra charge to take your bike.

Bikes on Busses
The T bike racks fit any bike size.

Advantages of Riding Bicycles with The T

Fast Loading

Most people can load and unload a bike in about 20 seconds

Holds Two Bikes Securely

Because of the unique design, bikes don't make contact with each other or the bus

Fits Any Bike

All wheel sizes and frame types

 FW Bike Share  Fort Worth Bike Sharing offers residents and visitors an alternative form of public transportation, which is environmentally friendly and affordable.

visit Fort Worth Bike Sharing

Now there's a real alternative for commuting to work or school, or just enjoying more of this great city.

Try FWTA's Bikes on Buses program today!

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Policies and Procedures

  • Service is available on most T bus routes and trips.
  • No additional fee is required for the bike.
  • Customers are responsible for loading and unloading their bikes.

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Loading and Unloading Your Bike

Follow the Easy Steps Below and Begin Riding

Step 1

Simply grab the bar on the front of the bike rack and pull down to unfold it.

Step 2

Lift your bike onto the rack, setting the tires into the wheel slots. Please load the outside slot first.

Step 3

Pull the spring-loaded support arm out and raise it up and over the front tire to secure your bike to the rack. Make sure the support arm is resting on the tire and not the frame or fender of the bike.

Step 4

To unload, raise the support arm off your tire and out of your way. Lift your bike off the rack. Fold the bike rack up.

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You can also combine bike, bus and TRE as The T's commuter rail allows riders to board with their bikes.


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