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XTO Energy Parade of Lights

Ride The T's Route 7 University Bus to the Parade of Lights in downtown Fort Worth.
Route 7 usually serves Farrington Field and continues to the TCU area with no service after 6:15 pm. During the Parade of Lights on Sunday, November 22, Route 7 will extend frequency and capacity to serve parade attendees parking at Farrington Field. Free Parking at Farrington Field !

Cost: Adult Fare: $3.50 round-trip
  * Child/Student/Reduced Fare: $1.75 round-trip
Payment: Cash, Valid Multi-day Pass, E PASS or GoPass must be used. Buses do not accept credit or debit cards. No change or refunds can be made for cash overpayment.
* Children ages 5 - 11 yrs. Child under 5 yrs. is free with a fare paying adult. Other Reduced Fare categories, Click

GoPass info site  Data connected mobile devices. Place your ticket right on your phone. GoPass Mobile Transit Ticket app info. Here

How To Use Route 7 to/from Farrington Field

November 22, 2015 Added Service for Parade of Lights Event

To Downtown From Farrington Field Use Stop “E”
Buses board every 15 minutes from 2pm - 6pm
All Rt 7 buses let off at ITC (1 1/2 blocks from parade route)

Return to Farrington Field
7pm to 10pm - Board “Curbside” on Jones St.,
last bus leaves @ 10pm
(returning buses will leave every 15 min. and/or when full)

Download an Acrobat pdf of Route 7/Parade information for printing. Click Here

Note: Molly the Trolley will NOT RUN after 4:30 PM on this evening.